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Revo Rebel


Rebel showcases an exceptionally robust Revo SuperFlex™ frame. As for minimizing glare, our signature polarized Blue Water lens leads the way with its grey base and blue mirror coating. It’s the perfect choice for sunny days at the beach or engaging in activities like fishing, boating, and various water sports.

Revo SuperFlex™ bendable frame
MotionFit™ design
Elastomeric nose pad
Integrated spring hinge

Revo redefined the sunglass industry in 1985 with its polarized NASA lens technology. Innovation has always been at the core of our DNA and now, over 35 years later, we continue to bring the latest in lens and frame technology.

Size Guide: Medium size fit

Frame size: 64-15-125
Lens height: 40.1 mm
Lens base: 8


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