Frasers luggage stores have been operating for 139 years. The legacy of craftsmanship brought to Cape Town in 1881 from Scotland by Thomas Fraser and his son, has lived through Frasers.

Frasers was acquired by Martin Duarte in 1985, who built Frasers into a niche luggage and leather goods outlet, catering to a growing tourist market.

Frasers was originally Cape Town based but has spread to all major shopping center’s throughout South Africa since their acquisition in 1998.

Frasers has 27 stores nationwide, including Gauteng, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, East London & other regions. This includes a Destinations store and an Online Store.

Frasers has its roots deeply embedded in the middle to upper class luggage retail market, with a wide spectrum of retail experience.

Frasers hosts luxury & Proudly South African brands focusing specifically on handbag merchandise.