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Since 1946, DELSEY has been accompanying travelers from all around the world on both their personal and professional travel. The reason for this longevity is quite simply that this irreverent French luggage brand has been combining expertise, design, innovation, elegance and audacity for 7 decades.


The DELSEY suitcase – practical, spacious and light-weight, will accompany you on every journey! Cabin case, hard case, large case… we have something for every taste and for all occasions. There’s a DELSEY for everyone!

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Smaller Luggage you can Carry On to the plane with you.

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Larger Luggage that is checked-in and cannot be carried with you in the cabin.


A comfortable mini luggage bag which offers numerous of benefits, which can also be convenient and save time plus making it flexible.


Bags available for business, look the part - play the part.

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Delsey's innovation since 1946

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