Talking to Tumi; the power of internship

How the FrontierCo program adds vantage and direction through culture, mentorship and hard skills development.

29-year-old Tumi was between jobs and without direction until opportunity came calling, (literally). Without applying for the spot, Tumi’s name was drawn from a college database and the chance of a lifetime seemingly fell into his lap. After 4 months with the program, Tumi describes the moment he got the call up from FrontierCo, the value this opportunity has brought him and how his horizons have shifted.

The Call Up

Sitting in a backroom playing cards when his phone rang, Tumi had no idea what was coming. “It came out of the blue; I was too shocked to even speak” he explains. The caller cut straight to the chase. Have you done your internship yet? When can you start?

Tumi had nothing to lose, although nervous about what might be waiting for him, he knew he couldn’t let the opportunity go by. “It was two years after I had done my course, I had moved twice and been a delivery driver since then, life had moved on, this call up was a complete pivot to the direction my life had been going in and what a blessing!”

First Impressions

With little background knowledge on the company culture, Tumi says he had been expecting a stiff, no time for you, corporate environment. “I was completely taken back; I had been expecting suits with serious faces and instead everyone was friendly and helpful,. People took time to show me how to use technology that I had previously had no opportunity to access. The people here draw you in, there is a bond, an attitude of cooperation. People here get work done but they do it in shorts and a t-shirt with a bit of banter in between.”

The Value of Vantage and Hard Skills Development 

Tumi jumped in at the ground floor of the FrontierCo marketing department. While based in the media studio and being mentored in content capture and editing, he has also been interested in the world of ecommerce that he has been exposed to. “I never knew that Google was such a powerful marketing tool, I never would have known at all about any of this, but now that I’ve seen it, my mind is buzzing. Google Ads, SEO, Editing, there is so much going on over here. I learn something new every single day!”

Spending time with the crowd at FrontierCo has rubbed off on Tumi and he has been developing more than just hard skills. When I asked what his biggest growth area has been he explained that it was his confidence that had sky-rocketed. “I’m an introvert but now I’ve realised that I love working with people. One day I want to be the guy that introduces business guy 1 to business guy 2, I want to be a plug; but for big business.” 

Transferable Skills and Life Outside of the Office

“High performance, vintage, 4×4, you name it and if it has four wheels, I’m a fan.”  Tumi has been a Petrol Head from his early days but didn’t have a way to express his passion. Now, with his newly acquired skills in camera work, Tumi dreams of creating content to make the paint jobs on his four wheeled fantasies, pop.

Where To From Here

Tumi still has the bulk of his internship ahead of him and he is excited about the banks of knowledge he gets exposed to around every corner. He is excited to learn more about the ecommerce process and getting the photos of products he helps take, onto screens and in front of the customer.

Tumi’s Advice for new Interns

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions or be shy to talk about your passions. People can only help you learn when they know what you don’t. Be hyper-focussed on what you’re learning, there is so much to learn everywhere you look. Make the most of your opportunity, take your chances and show up ready to tuck in everyday”

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